DocVQA: Challenge 2021

DocVQA Challenge 2021

The 2021 challenge will take place in the context of ICDAR 2021. Thus edition of the challenge feature two tasks - the task 2 from 2020 edition continues in this edition as well and a new task 3 is introduced. The task3 is a challenge on VQA on infographics

Task2: Document Collection VQA

Similar to Task 2 of the 2020 challenge with some changes to the evaluation.

Task3: Infographics VQA

The objective of infographics VQA task is to answer questions asked on an infographic image. Infographics (or information graphic) is a visual representation of information or data in the form of charts, diagrams, etc. so that it is easy for humans to understand. Therefore, visual information is much more relevant than in previous tasks.

Unlike DocVQA task1 which is a pure "extractive QA" task, infographics VQA allows answers which are not explicitly extracted from the given image. The answer for a question in this can be any of the following types

  • Answer is a piece contiguous text from the image (single span of text)

  • Answer is a list of "items" , where each item is a piece of text from the image ( multiple spans)

  • Answer is a contiguous piece of text from the question itself (a span from the question)

  • Answer is a number ( for example "2", "2.5", "2%", " 2/3" etc..). For example there are questions asking for count of something or cases where answer is sum of two values given in the image.

Challenge Dates

  • [Dec 2020] Released train split for the new infographics VQA

  • [Jan 10 2020] Release validation and test splits for Infographics VQA

  • [March 31 2021] Submission deadline

  • [5-10 Sept, 2021] Results Presentation at ICDAR 2021

Challenge Winners